The Novitec exhaust for the Ferrari

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Date: 03-07-2023 Category: Blogs

The Novitec exhaust for the Ferrari SF90 is an impressive upgrade that takes the performance and sound of this already extraordinary supercar to new heights, making the car even more appealing to car enthusiasts worldwide. Novitec, a renowned German tuning company, has applied its expertise and craftsmanship to refine and enhance the SF90's exhaust, making the car even more appealing to car enthusiasts worldwide.

One of the key features of the Novitec exhaust is the use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and titanium, ensuring durability and a lightweight construction. These materials contribute to improved performance by reducing overall weight and enhancing airflow.

However, what truly sets the Novitec exhaust apart is the sound it produces. By employing advanced technologies and variable valve dampers, the Novitec exhaust can transform the sound of the SF90 from a powerful roar to a raw and aggressive exhaust note. This delivers an immersive driving experience and sends shivers down the spine of every driver and onlooker.

In addition to the enhanced sound, the Novitec exhaust also offers performance benefits. The improved airflow allows the engine to operate more efficiently, resulting in increased power and torque. This translates into faster acceleration times and an overall enhancement of the SF90's performance.

The design of the Novitec exhaust is also striking and stylish. It adds an aggressive look to the rear of the SF90, further emphasizing the sporty aesthetics of the car. The craftsmanship and attention to detail from Novitec are evident in every aspect of the exhaust, from the perfect fit to the high-quality finish.

In summary, the Novitec exhaust for the Ferrari SF90 is an excellent addition for car enthusiasts seeking improved performance, an exhilarating sound, and a standout appearance. With Novitec's expertise and the quality of materials and technologies used, this exhaust provides an unparalleled driving experience and enhances the already impressive characteristics of the SF90.

Novitec vs Adaptive Distribution

We have been able to work with Novitec for a while now, and have had amazing results. For example we have worked on the SF90, installed a complete exhaust line with a 100 cell sportcat. The result was asthonising. 

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