Some customers are so pleased with the end-result of their build, they have an awesome photoshoot of the end result. The same goes for the owner of this brilliant M3 F80, who decided to install our DarwinPRO carbon fiber bonnet with the glass display and the CSF top charge cooler in a custom carbon and green livery.

BMW M3 F80 DarwinPRO hood with glass display

In order to perfectly display all the gorgeous updates this customer did on his engine bay, he went for the DarwinPRO carbon fiber bonnet with the glass display. This is the perfect way to show off all this awesome car has to offer. Even on the inside!


BMW M3 F80 CSF Top Charge Cooler with custom livery

Taking a closer look, we see that one of those picture perfect items under the bonnet, is the CSF top charge cooler. Beside the 'regular' matte black and chrome gloss finish, we offer the possibility to pick you own, custom livery. this particular model was finished with a carbon and dark green set-up to further match both the outside of the vehicle and the carbon accessories.


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Owner: @mon57r Pics: @arm4g3don

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